Hi, I’m Adel

I am a Social Psychology Enthusiast and I love people.

When I said I love people. I meant people. Plural. I like to learn about social phenomenons, such as bystander effect, conformity, tragedy of the common. Look it up. If you want to.

It’s fascinating to travel in people’s mind.

I love my family so much. I don’t talk to them a lot when I’m away. But when I’m home, we talk like we will never stop talking. They have given me autonomy since I was a kid. I chose my school, my clothes, the color of my room, things I want to do, university. They are not rich but they never make me feel poor. They always show me the light when the road feels so dark. They always tell me that we can even when they don’t know how. They taught me to be strong. To try… and try. To be grateful when I make it. To put my head up when I don’t.

I miss them. I always miss them.

I have very large family and friends around the world. I was living in Lynden, WA, USA for a year and went to Explorations Academy. I lived with Clay family and got closer to other family as well which are Mergens family and Seaholm family. They are awesome folks. I’m so glad I met them and got chance to get to know them very well. They have given me unforgettable memories and relations. Explorations Academy is a private school in Bellingham. There were no more than 40 students I guess at that time. That was why we knew each other very well including the teachers. One year at Explorations is enough for me to fall in love with it. It gave me such unbelievable experiences. And by unbelievable I mean UNBELIEVABLE like building a snow cave and sleeping in it for a night, going on 8 days expedition across the US-Canada border, reading the divine comedy, cutting a chicken head and skinning it to be able to eat that evening, and other interesting experiences.

I enjoy living in a new place, meeting new people, having a new food.

I always seek an opportunity to find new things in life. Exploring the unknown. It was in 2014 when Malaysian Plane was shot in Russia because it was mistaken for Ukrainian. I think. And it was couple of days before I was about to take off to Moscow for International Youth Forum. Scary? Hell yes. But I have been working hard to be able to attend that forum, so I won’t let my fear throw it all away. I have been to some countries but Russia was… quite a memory. Being an Indonesian, I have my own history. Indonesian have grown a particular unpleasant opinion on communist. In 1965, we were shocked by communist party that kind of going around killing rebels. We called it G30S/PKI. Even though there has been a doubt on the truth behind that tragedy in recent years, it is not an official doubt, you know what I mean? I kind of believe that it was not communist. But who knows? It was just so sad and shocking event that made us afraid of communist and ban anything related to communist. the song. the symbol. People can be captured just by having a flag of communist. and there I was… on my way to Russia.

The first time I step in the Metro was terrifying. It was underground. Terribly loud. Fast. It looked like dungeon. Not many people speak English. The street signs were on Cyrillic. That was why I was lost for like four hours looking for the motel I booked earlier. But the city was pretty and well-organized. The buildings were old and beautiful. I loved it. Being there for two weeks and interact with native people gave me a light on communism. I was able to watch and enter the Kremlin. I saw the guards. How they take care of the eternal flame. It was inspiring. They love their country so much. They have high nationalism. Communism doesn’t suit Indonesia doesn’t mean it’s bad. Every country has its own style. I bought couple of souvenirs home including a military hat. My Granddad freaked out when he saw communist symbol on it. He was kind of angry with me for a second. My Mom was cool. So she kept it in her closet.


You know how I am kind of experiment freak? So. I normally wear hijab when I was in Russia. I was respected. I mean, nobody was being racist on me. One cashier was even asking a boy to apologize to me because he cut my line. But I wanted to know what difference I would encounter if I wasn’t wearing hijab. So I took off my hijab for a day. I went around the city like usual. I was wearing normal clothes. Clothes that I wear when I wear hijab. It was just minus the hijab. And guess what? About 4 people were like hitting on me. Two men asked for my phone number. One man was trying to talked to me, asking for my number and giving kissing expression. One man teasing me, and trying to hold my hands when he delivered my food (he was a waitress). Shocking, huh? Just because I took off my hijab.

Anyway, that was my summer of 2014. I have a different story in 2015.

Summer 2015 gave me a new family. There is this program at my university called “KKN” which means community service. It allows us to live in one place for two months to do community service. We were signed a group of 30 people which later divided into three sub-groups. I was waiting for it since I was in my first year. I wanted to go to somewhere far. Like in the border. Rural or removed areas. It was going great until my group was separated. That made me have to go to another group. So I was assign to a local group. It was just one hour away from university. It was pretty modern area. I was disappointed at first. But, guess what? I’m glad I was placed there. I found a new awesome family. Every once in a while, I still visit them. I love the kids there. They are so adorable and smart. I will always remember how they run to me across the field and hug me very tight, crying, on my last day. It was full of love.

I am a big fan on love. I am currently not good at relationship. But I am a big fan of love. I know how to make people happy. I am just not always able to do it. I hate texting. I hate phone calls. I prefer talking to people directly. I prefer listening to them directly. I don’t like to be controlled in relationship. I don’t like people telling me what I could and what I couldn’t do in life. Well, I am okay with that in a work circumstance, as long as it’s related to work, but not in a relationship. For me, relationship is like school. We learn. We grow. We don’t judge, we understand, we support. I like open-minded people. Smart. Tolerance. Supportive. I don’t mind not having a boyfriend right now. I will wait when the time is right. But in the mean time, I have my stunning best friends. They won’t let me get lonely. lol


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasya S says:

    bagus bgt mbak tulisanya.
    bagus… baguuus!!
    aku blm bisa, aku nggak tau caranya, dan aku pengen tau mbak???

    1. Ini sapa ?
      Wkwk …makasih yaa !!
      Km belom bisa apa ?

  2. Natasya S says:

    adek kelas mbak,
    ya nulis, kalo buat karangan, kalimatnya ya gitu2 thok! biasa, mboseni, nggak bisa banggak bisa bkin orang pnasaran sama tulisanku, aku ae kadang males baca tulisanku sndiri

  3. Natasya S says:

    (ralat mbak)

    adek kelas mbak,
    ya nulis, kalo buat karangan, gaya kalimatnya ya gitu2 thok! biasa, mboseni, nggak bisa bawa emosi pembaca, nggak bisa buat org pnasaran, kdang aku males baca tulianku sndiri,

    1. Ah boong ah .. Km punya blog ga ? Pngen baca 🙂

  4. sholhud says:

    wah,, klu bleh kasih saran ne… wat natasya, kmu harus cinta baca dlu….. krena smua it brasal dri bca…
    tnya aj mbak adel, dia dlu sring baca2…. mskipun gak penting, dia ttep baca…. kyak merk baju orang… dia baca jga… hahaha
    piss del>>> 🙂

    1. Wahhh jgn di dengerin ini opa udin, wkwk …
      Maklum kakek2 omongannya nglantur 😀

  5. mssholhud says:

    saia ramaikan Blog kmu… dengan comment2 imut saia>>>

    jgan lupa sepulang dri negara gak jelas ntu,(HAHA)
    Bwa Oleh2 yanG Banyeeekk… Tak iye??? 😀

    1. Euh euuuhhhh … Imut jareee …

      Eh opa opaaa bagusan pp yg d blog ini timbang d fb mu pa .. -.-“

  6. dinata says:

    Penulis favorite embak siapa ?

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