The Road

There is this road in this particular side of town that is very bumpy and I mean very bumpy. The road is not that long but it felt long because you literally need to go under 10mph if you want to get to the end of the road safely. There are many large holes and you can’t go through that road without willingly “get” into one of the holes because that hole is more shallow than the other holes next to it. The holes are not subtle that you can’t see them from the distance. You could see them. It’s just you don’t have many options which part of the road you could take without having it rough.

That road is not my usual route. I didn’t have to take that road to or from work. But, I do need to take that road when I take my mom to work. Because my mom’s work is located in the end of that road. There is an alternative road but it’s four times further than this road and very crowded as well. I forgot when was the last time I use that road to get home. I do remember couple months ago out of curiousity I chose that road to get home from work because since I got back from college I don’t think I have ever drive through that road. I was shocked and swore to never ever use that road again.

This morning my Dad was unable to take my Mom to work, so I did. I had so much going on in my mind on how irritating the road would be. I tried to remember which hole was shallower than the other so that I could position myself later. It was half the ride when I realized that there were no holes. I didn’t even aware that we were already on that road because it was so smooth. Turned out, they fixed it. I don’t know when the fix it but it is fixed now. There are no more holes to watch out from.


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